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about a u.s. di diplt be openly gay. he has since apologized for that comment. president obama says he would be a perfect fit at the pentagon. >> he understands that america stands strongest when we stand as allies and as friends. as a successful businessman he know os even as we make tough fiscal choices we have to do so wisely. >> hagel would be the first enlisted soldier from the vietnam war to serve as secretary of defense. he earned two purple hearts and saved his wounded brother. some republicans are concerned hagel won't be enough of a defender of pentagon spending. >> the fact of the matter is i fear he is going to try to use senator hagel as a foil to pursue this hollowing out of the military that secretary panetta has raised concerns about by the draconian cuts and the is a questions teresa payton. >> hagel would be -- and the sequester. >> not as difficult ahead for john brennan. >> unlike tolikelikely to drawe criticism. if confirmed it would be a home coming. he was considered for the cia post in 2008 but wealth drew his name to avoid contentious questioning over the agenc
. then on thursday, he'll talk with a representative from the nra and other gun owners. president obama asked biden to take charge of a task force to develop measures going beyond gun control laws. meantime, gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly say that they have launched their own campaign to curb gun violence two years to the day after a gunman gunman shot her in the head. they visited families in newtown connecticut. afterwards they spoke to abc news anchor diane sawyer. >> how was newtown? >> it brought back a lot of memories but what that was like for us two years ago today. >> you hope this kind of thing doesn't happen again. you know what? it does happen again. >> shep: six people died at the supermarket two years ago today. 12 others were wounded. last year the judge sentenced the shooter to life in prison with no chance of parole. it sounds like congresswoman giffords and kelly are focusing on congress right now. >> reporter: so far they have been critical of congress. one of the reasons they started their political action committee was to raise enough money so they can fight the
levinson's wife she wants to make sure that disappearance of her husband is not forgotten. president obama has said he will do everything possible and the former employer f.b.i. is doing all it can. what she wants is washington to put more pressure on the iranians. she says she has no idea where or when these photos were taken or why they were even sent to her. >> i have no idea what purpose they serve which is why we held on to them for so long. i am releasing them now to make sure that people are aware that he still in someone's custody. believe it's the iranians and has not been released. it is almost six years and he is still not home with his family. >> reporter: f.b.i. is offering a million dollar reward for information leading to his safe return. >> shep: other than the fact that she disappeared while on iranian island why do they suspect the jeirn government? >> whoever mailed the pictures of levinson was professional. he didn't leave any type of trail. they traced it to a cellphone in afghanistan but discovered the phone's owner didn't have anything to do with the pictures. invest
insider and obama would be happy to have a guy who can get through without a lot of controversial because he will have a fight over chuck hagel. already pulled susan rice. so jack lew has worked with everybody on the hill, republicans and democrats, that's where the came from-spend the early part of his career. everybody knows him, a touch negotiator -- a tough negotiator. >> shepard: a very big player with a lot of work to do. you talk about what's coming up in march with the debt ceiling fight. the president already said he is not negotiating. >> of course and the republicans have drawn a line in the sand. so we have the starting point. now we have to see if either side is going to meet in the third medical. circumstances will force them to do something because if it goes up to the last second the last time they fought this battle, the marked tanked and that there will have to be some compromise. >> shepard: we get these red alerts on the wire services. the pentagon just come out talking about how they would cut in case they did come up to this debt limit, because it's going to affect e
that president obama already made up his mind on those issues. carl cameron is live in washington, d.c. now, talking about video games. >> entertainment last night and video games today. not a sign of great concern by the entertainment industry or movies and broadcasters or the video gaming industry about whether or not they will face copsences as a result of the summit by joe biden trying to cur, gun violence. s a big contrast to the folks on the second amendment gun side given the president's desire to ban is semi automatic rifles and improve background checks. the likelihood of an all out ban might be losing momentum. it has become fairly obvious that the legislative bill in the senate is going to have a hard time getting through the republicanly controlled house. that is not something that is likely to be done with an executive order by the president. it may not even happen which has both sides aggressively digging in for what could be a long campaign style battle. >> shepard: i heard suggestions from the gun own areship groups. go through what they are doing. >> the nra just to give yo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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